Proof Of Concept


Project Description

The Millennium Earth Project (MEP) is an interactive, data-rich, humanitarian online application created to deliver the necessary data and tools to foster Sustainable Development. MEP is the main pursuit of the Institute for Conscious Global Change (ICGC), founded in 2007. Our aim is to create a virtual globe which makes more visible the issues, opportunities and ongoing developments of a growing world. By engaging all stakeholders we plan to create a collaborative effort that includes industry professionals, local citizens, governments and organizations in the development process.

Using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework, MEP has the ability to assess and report on related factors, and build local, country-wide, and world-wide capacity to use these technologies. Once issues in an area are highlighted, solutions to those issues can be quickly and easily discussed, disseminated and brought about.

Proof Of Concept project of St. Raphael, Haiti