Youth Advocates for Sustainability

Youth Advocates for Sustainability (YAS)
YAS is comprised of young professionals and advisors with a mission to assist the Institute for Conscious Global Change (ICGC) in its efforts to educate and engage youth and young professionals to become catalysts for global social change to achieve sustainable development in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs).
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Global Youth Ambassador Program
You can join YAS as a global youth ambassador to help others envision a different world with the use of our ground breaking Millennium Earth Project (MEP) online mapping tool. We encourage students to start a club, make a presentation or host an event on campus, which promotes sustainable practices and brings awareness to the MEP. Young professionals can take the lead and organize educational, social or fundraising events. We suggest events focus on one of the following ICGC themes: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Geographic Information Systems and technology or one of the three MEP pilot countries, which are Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo and Afghanistan. The YAS team will support our ambassadors throughout the entire program including providing our education toolkit to students and sharing our event planning strategy with young professionals. 

Benefits of Becoming a Global Youth Ambassador
Becoming a YAS ambassador is an opportunity that will help you gain firsthand knowledge of the various processes within an NGO such as fundraising, marketing, planning, relationship building and the many other elements necessary to to build an NGO. As an ambassador you will learn more about the work of the UN and their priorities, such as the MDGs and SDGs. With ICGC’s UN consultative status we will invite you to UN and IR related events to learn about global issues as well as provide networking opportunities. You will have the chance to develop leadership and organizational skills as you plan and manage an event. Research, writing and communication skills can be improved through writing a blog or posting on social media. Ambassadors will come to understand the emerging technology of GIS and other geo-designing tools.  All ambassadors will be invited to ICGC’s annual event to showcase their work and connect with other global ambassadors as well as ICGC supporters. Overall, as a YAS ambassador you will get the chance to collaborate with a team of individuals dedicated to implementing global solutions while you develop your skills and knowledge to become a future leader of the world.

How to Become a Global Youth Ambassador
Send a cover letter explaining your interest in our Global Ambassador Program. Please write Global Ambassador Program in the subject of your email. We encourage students and young professionals living in any part of the world to apply. To become an ambassador please email info@consciousglobalchange.org.