Organization At A Glance

Letter From The President

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to share with you the work we have done for the last three years. The Institute for Conscious Global Change (ICGC) and the Millennium Earth Project: A Visual Framework for Sustainable Development (formerly The Virtual Global Earth Project) came about out of a need to have us dream of a world we want to live in, the kind of dream that would allow us to first “see” that world as a precursor to making it become real. That is how everything we take for granted and now enjoy first began.

This age provides us with the amazing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related technologies that can transform our world. The cost of coming up with a comprehensive development plan that allows us to build smart and at the same time leave no one behind greatly outweighs sitting around just hoping, doing nothing, and worse yet, engaging in development that does not serve the needs of all the peoples of the country; has to be torn down due to lack of poor planning or no planning at all while wasting billions of dollars in the process.

Connectivity, Collaboration, Distribution and Dialogue! These words describe our technological approach to global development that makes use of a combination of technologies for project collaboration, spatial analysis and infrastructure drafting. ICGC believes we must ‘Design the Future We Want’ as a precursor to any implementation. For far too long we have seen and heard through various media of the plight of the poor and disadvantaged around the world in underdeveloped and developing nations, as well as in slums of developed nations.

The Institute is committed is to working with the United Nations, individual governments, and their citizenry (including academia) to assist in envisioning and planning the future they want.

Technology constantly creates new opportunities to change and improve the world we live in. We are utilizing robust spatial technologies (e.g., enterprise GIS and CADD) in a cloud environment to create comprehensive maps and 3D design models that illustrate the urban landscapes of each country. More specifically, our integrated spatial system will:

  • Illustrate landscapes in their current condition;
  • Display planned infrastructure developments on the current landscape
  • Create an engaging forum to educate individuals through the use of interactive story maps with themes including sustainable development, culture, local and regional history, economics, agriculture, and natural disasters.

I invite you to follow our work and learn more about how the core values of ICGC, together with 21st century technology, provides the cornerstone of the work we do in making change possible. If you are one of those who not only dream, but want to see those dreams concretized and become a reality in the lives of those in need, then we ask you to join us achieve our goal of putting equality on the map!

With kindest regards,

Etta D. Jackson, Founder/CEO