Meet The Team

Mr. Cherinet Hariffo

Youth Representative of ICGC to the United Nations and Head of Partnership

Mr. Cherinet Hariffo is a refugee and education advocate from Ethiopia who currently lives in the United States of America. Hariffo is a supporter of equal access to education and refugee rights. He fled his home country when he was nine years old, seeking safety and the chance to further his studies. He fell behind in his academic goals since he spent his formative years in a refugee camp, where he had few opportunities to participate in formal schooling. Hariffo promotes for the rights of refugees, persons forced to escape their homes, young people from the global south, and underrepresented Africans. To that end, he advocates for the acceleration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation and the engagement of young people in the process of making public policy. Hariffo's personal experiences encouraged him to fight for SDG-related fields by speaking out and developing relationships with CSOs, NGOS, government, Academic Institutions, and state officials because he has firsthand understanding of what it is like to be a refugee.

Formerly leading the African Diaspora Youth Network and Youth for Sustainable Development Goals 2030, Cherinet encouraged young people all around Africa to become the driving forces behind positive change in their local communities. Since he was 13 years old, he has been active in numerous social justice groups that promote the participation of young people in political, economic, and social decision-making. Hariffo has confidence in the potential of today's youth to effect positive change in the world. Cherinet employs his knowledge and expertise to bring attention to critical concerns and the difficulties faced by people living in the world's southern regions.