Meet The Team

Mr.David M. Shapiro

Board Treasurer


Mr. David M. Shapiro serves as a Distinguished Lecturer and Director of the MPA-Inspection-& Oversight program at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. David provides instruction in fraud examination, financial forensics, and managerial inspection and oversight-related courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels under the Department of Public Management.

He has published articles in the areas of accounting, finance, and risk management. Among his published works is a special chapter for the book How They Got Away with It: White Collar Criminals and the Financial Meltdown. Also of special note, he co-authored (with Javier Ortega) a book on how citizens and the public interest are being shortchanged in the global economy (viz., Global Enterprise and Private Profits), published in October 2023.

David is a financial and nonfinancial due diligence specialist. He is also an expert on financial investigations and law enforcement. His extensive background includes work as an FBI special agent and assistant legal advisor, an assistant prosecutor in Essex County, NJ, and the Global Practice Leader at Aon's Corporate Investigative Solutions--where he led investigations of financial crimes.

In brief, David has focused on conduct and financial crime risks, including the use of financial metrics to prevent and detect organizational and occupational frauds.