Haiti Today... The World Tomorrow

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank you for your attendance and participation in our Haiti Today, The World Tomorrow event last Wednesday November 12th at the Peace Islands Institute.

I also want to thank Mr. Mehmet Kilic of Peace Islands Institute and to HIBISCUS and Reviving Haiti for their unwavering commitment to the future of Haiti and for making this event possible.

Thank you to Ms. Vanessa Bouchereau Vincent and Mr. Richard Sam for the Youth Responses.

I hope you left with a bit more information about the work we do at the Institute for Conscious Global Change but more importantly, how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the geodesign method can impact change in the least developed and developing world in a significant way.

We want to thank H.E. Ambassador Denis Regis for delivering the Keynote Address. We also thank Ambassador of Montenegro, Dr. Shahid Husain, Senior Advisor to UNDP and Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska of the Commons Cluster for the United Nations for attending. A special thanks go to Mr. Bonivert Claude, Former Governor of the Central Bank of Haiti for attending and providing such important information. Please click here to view Mr. Bonivert Claude's presentation.

We are aware that we gave a lot of new and unfamiliar information to be absorbed in a very short time.

The purpose of this email is to direct you to our presentation resources and additional information so you can review what was covered during the event and decide how you would like to support this transformative work in Haiti. We really mean that Haiti can be the first country to be developed comprehensively and the technology now exists in the form of GIS to make this happen. We huge thanks to Mr. Bonivert Claude for sharing the Strategic Plan for National Recovery and Development of Haiti (PSDH) which aims to make Haiti an emerging country by 2030 by targeting four major projects:

  1. Territorial Reconstruction
  2. Economic Reconstruction
  3. Social Reconstruction, and
  4. Institutional Reconstruction

These objectives fall in line with the goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with its overarching goal of eradicating poverty in all its forms, everywhere by 2030. These were the objectives of The Institute for Conscious Global Change (ICGC) through the Millennium Earth Project from its inception. Please go to our website for a full understanding of our work:

As the UN struggles to find a way to incorporate technology to help accomplish sustainable development, we at ICGC want to show that it is possible. Geographic Information Systems seem like the only logical collaborative planning platform on which to design and map such large scale comprehensive development as it shows the actual landscape and topography of every community. We shared with you at the November 12th Event the Proof of Concept which showed how the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets can be integrated on the GIS platform in a virtual way to plan intelligently and comprehensive. This kind of planning will ensure that poverty is indeed eradicated and ensures no one is left behind. Please click here for the full presentation of the geodesign work we did using St. Raphael and was shown at the event but not in its entirety. Please Visit this link and this link

The next step is in-country and contains four phases. The details are contained in the Project Proposal and obtained by opening the appropriate link below.

For too long governments and NGOs have done isolated projects that alleviate the immediate suffering of the Haitian people, and by extension those living in impoverished countries around the world but poverty persists because there is no planned strategy that is comprehensive and has the government and citizens at it center. Change cannot come from the outside in to be sustainable.

We need your help both financially and morally. We need you to engage with us on the ground in Haiti by becoming sponsors of a Department and become responsible for helping us see that these plans do not gather “dust” but that they become implemented and radically change the lives of the Haitian people. Click here to read Sponsorship Brochure.

A page on our website will be set up dedicated to the Haitian Development and the Funding. We would like you to make your donations. Please follow this link

If you would like to volunteer your time, please sign up here

For detailed information on our Project Proposal (in English), please follow this link

Thank you again for your participation and please continue to engage with us on our message board.

With kind regards,

Etta D. Jackson, Founder/CEO