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Fundamentally Changing the Way Humanity Lives in and Creates their Environment

This GeoDesign of Manyatta, an informal settlement in Kisumu, Kenya is an extension of the dissertation research (View Details). The model below shows how SDG#17: Means of Implementation can be activated using geospatial information technologies like: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GeoDesign, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), etc. together with strong effective partnerships demonstrated how these two elements can and should be considered in the implementation the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It further demonstrates the important role of academia, using participatory action and situational analysis approaches, and engaging with local governments and citizens can help to build capacity, transfer knowledge and transform communities to eradicate poverty and leave no one behind.

Pilot of Manyatta, Kisumu, Kenya for implementation of the SDGs and Putting Equality on the Map!
View Storymap of Manyatta's GeoDesign

Proof of Concept developed for St. Raphael, Haiti
Proof of Concept : St. Raphael, Haiti

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Project Description

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Our mission is to visualize analyze explain disseminate data to make sustainable development plans universally accessible.




Our Focus

Capacity Building

We provide geospatial education and training via informal (educational games) as well as formal programs (workshops) for a wide range of target audiences. This allows communities to begin collecting and analyzing their own data for planning and development purposes.


Visualizing development plans gives power to the voice of the marginalized or under-represented, including poor communities, resource users and women who are otherwise excluded from decision-making processes. Our visual approach eliminates educational and language barriers and allows everyone a chance to join the conversation.

Social Monitoring

Creating 3D spatial models of development plans allows Millenium Earth Project (MEP) to be used as a tool to increase transparency and accountability. These cataloged plans show development projects as promised to the community and can be compared to what was actually built.


Tracking development targets at a local level allows ICGC to raise awareness of societal issues and challenges and advocate for change on a range of sustainable development, environmental, and social issues.


Our staff stays current with new innovations and implementations of technology ensuring we can help communities develop solutions to best meet their needs.

More Information

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  • GIS Consultation
  • Data Hosting
  • Cartographic Production
  • 3D Modeling
  • GPS Data Collection
  • Field Mapping
  • Web Map Configuration
  • GIS/GPS Training and Workshops
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